Video KYC Features to secure your eDSP portal.

Greetings From e Digital Service Point!
Congratulations We have launched Video KYC Features to secure your e Digital Service Point portal.
By keeping this in mind and to stop all these frauds, e Digital Service Point is adding on Video KYC. These will provide you complete security and exact member’s details so that you can track them easily to collect back the money.

  • The Government started AEPS services in 2012 under the digital India project
    We are living in a world of technology. Everything is going too advanced with new technologies. If you are in the market, you have to be advanced and updated to survive. But the truth is everything has an advantage as well as scarcity. If we talk about payment, Indian government is emphasizing on cashless transactions. To create a cashless society in India, the government started AEPS services in 2012 under the digital India project.
  • AEPS service is most trending today for cash withdrawal especially in rural areas.
    If you are in CSC industry and have running your own B2B, B2C, and reseller admin portal then you have faced many fraud transactions. Many of your members attempt fraud transaction or they don’t return money to customers. But due to lack of their exact identity, you are unable to catch them. This occurs because you don’t have their real Identity. Actually the scenario is, they started work with you with a fake identity and you also don’t pay attention to it, that’s why it happens.
Here we will discuss, what is video KYC, its advantage, how it works for you?
  • What is Video KYC Meaning?
    KYC stands for know your customer. It is the detail of customers which you use as the identity of a customer. To start AEPS service in the portal, members request to approve KYC. Earlier they had to provide you KYC details through KYC form and you have to do force approval to start their AEPS service. But this method was not so authenticated and reliable. Sometimes members provide you fake information and admin didn’t have any source to authenticate that information. This is the reason, the fraud case was increasing.
    Recently we are launching a video KYC feature through which all details of members will authenticate by reliable resources. It will help you to check your customer’s authenticity with all the essential information.
  • What is the Advantage of Video KYC in Your B2B Business?
    As an admin now we can check authenticity our new members and can verify them. Now we can store all the details of our new members either he is a Master Distributor, Distributor, and Retailer. We have updated our advanced admin portal by adding on a new video KYC feature which facilitates you complete details of all new members with storage backup. Along with this, there are some key advantages of video KYC which are following
  • Avoid Fake Profiles: Video KYC helps you to check the authenticity of your customers which results in nill fake profiles. This video KYC process ensures complete and authenticates details of customers via reliable sources which help you to avoid fake people.
  • No Paper Work: Video KYC is also known as digital KYC which is a paperless work. It needs your verification document and face detection for the KYC process.
  • Reduce Operation Cost: Although, video KYC is a paperless process that helps to reduce per KYC cost from ₹150 to only ₹200 which results in low operation cost.
  • Time Saving Process: Manual KYC was a time-consuming process in which you had to fill the form and wait for the approval. But in video KYC, members can approve KYC in just 2 minutes. This is a time-saving process.
  • Reduce Fraud Rate: Although video KYC facilitates you authenticities of your members which results reduce in fraud rate. Still, if any member attempts any fake activity, you can report against them and you can track them on the basis of their KYC details.
  • How Video KYC Process Works?
    So here we will learn how video KYC process step by step. Whenever any new member opens our portal for login, he will get an additional box as video KYC notification. Which inform member to precede video KYC through the app before login. Member can authenticate KYC through all following legal documents.
    Aadhaar Card
    Pan Card
    Voter ID
    Member may approve KYC by using any one legal document. To approve KYC, they have to follow all the below steps.

      1. 1. After opening the app, first, he has to submit his mobile number linked with the document
        2. Member get an OTP on the mobile number
        3. After submitting OTP into the app, you have to scan any of document
        4. Scan your document (For example Pan card) and press next
        5. App need face detection (Blink eyes to complete detection)
        6. If detection authenticate, you get all the details of member
  • So this is a very easy process to perform KYC through the video KYC process.
  • Conclusion
    So here we learn what video KYC, its advantage is and how it works. e Digital Service Point is one of the best B2B services provider company in India. We are adding on the video KYC feature in our updated version. So if you are planning to start your own B2B business, you can start with us and can provide the best experience and security to your customers.
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    I hope this article will help you to understand the importance of video KYC in B2B business. If you have any queries, please comment or you can directly contact our executive to apply for membership.

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